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Office renovation projects frequently run over budget, in fact, most experts advocate allocating at least 10% more for the budget than originally quoted to make sure there’s enough funds to cover it! However, there are many ways for business organisations to save money on office renovations, so read on as here in this short article we look at some of the ways to reduce the cost of an office renovation and fitout project.

Think Long-Term

Planning for future growth is essential when planning your project. While there are surely things that you want to scale back or reduce, for example, the number of private offices, there are usually more things that you’ll need to increase the number of, like workstations to accommodate your new hires!

In addition to accommodating new staff members, think long-term by planning for:

  • Extra storage space – Make sure it’s smart storage that maximises the space available
  • Changes to layout – Wherever possible, implement a flexible layout that can be changed

That’s not all that you’ll need to do when thinking long-term, but it gives you an idea of the things that you need to give attention to when planning. Moreover, don’t think too long-term, think about the next five years (planning longer than this is detrimental to business success) and where that time will take your business organisation.

Light Colour Schemes

In a brand-centric day and age, it’s tempting to decorate the workplace in your brand’s colours (whatever they may be), however, it’s nearly always advisable to keep things light and bright when decorating. Many employers have been harnessing the power of colours in the workplace and so too should you as there are many excellent benefits to take advantage of here, such as:

  • Happier, more productive employees who will put in a greater effort
  • A brighter, better-illuminated workplace that’s a more enjoyable place to work

What’s more, you can also save money on lighting by keeping the windows open and using light colour schemes as opposed to darker colour schemes! Good for the planet and your budget!

Hire an Interior Design Team

Yes, it’s an expense, but how much do you know about interior design and office fitouts? Working with an expert team that has created numerous office spaces for a broad range of clients in the past (Saracen Interiors refurbished the Creature offices in London among many others, making them a great choice) is essential because your business benefits in many ways, including:

  • Professional assistance, guidance and advice
  • Better planning, budgeting and processes

While you could choose to plan your project and carry it out on your own, chances are it would not only be lacking in professionalism but also more costly – these are two of many reasons why savvy business organisations choose to work with leading providers of interior design and office fitouts. You’ll not only enjoy a better, more efficient workplace, but save a significant sum of money as well.

Use these handy tips to ensure a successful, cost-effective renovation project that runs on budget!

Dumbleton Greenwald

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