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Signage is the use of signs or designs or symbols that communicate messages to specific groups and is usually used for marketing purpose. For a Business, use of signage can be very helpful for an overall marketing strategy. The uniquely designed signs when displayed with a Business logo can reinforce the image of a brand and can last longer

The signage can be very conveniently used as outdoor signs and can be displayed in the streets or the exterior and interior of buildings. It is a challenge to produce lasting banners with excellent symbols, designs, graphics, etc which can express messages to a group of people effectively. Since the investment in quality signage requires a pretty good investment, it is essential to ensure good value for the money invested. A few tips can be of help when choosing the display of excellent signage that can last longer.

Choice of the correct materials and inks: When long-term banners are chosen for display, heavy materials of around 400 grams or around 0.9 pounds should be chosen. The thickness of the sheet should be higher than 18 gauges to improve the durability of the signage. It is also essential to choose the right ink to incorporate the excellent photography in the banners.

Photos displayed in the signage should be visible clearly and it should also last for a long time. Use of ultraviolet inks can help to prolong the life of letters and photos. Though there are various brands of ultraviolet inks, only those brands which can last longer should be chosen.

Choice of the right equipment is very important: A banner or signage can be more efficient and last for a long time when correct equipment is chosen. In many banners, laminations are used to increase the life along with the use of 3M ink. Use of the correct inkjet printers can produce durable outdoor graphics with 3M ink and can last more than 5 years when suitably laminated. What printers will be best suitable for a particular signage and which can provide long-lasting effect should be researched before selection.

Weatherproofing of the signage is very essential: One of the biggest challenges for ensuring a long life of the signage is its ability to withstand adverse weather conditions. Wind and sun are the primary barriers for getting a longer life of the outdoor signage though wind remains the primary concern. During a severe storm, the banners will be subjected to high-velocity wind at very high pressure which can deteriorate the quality of a signage. However, if correct types of fasteners are chosen, the outdoor banners can sustain the pressure of 35 pounds per square feet.

Suitable design innovations in the banner designs can also reduce the thirst of the wind properly like a half circle cuts in the banners. With regard to the protection of damaging UV lights in the sunrays, use of UV light resistant inks is very helpful.

As already highlighted, laminations can play a significant role in protecting against the sun rays and form harmful pollutants.  Also, the placement of the face of the banner can be suitably manipulated to get the good effect of long life. Also, many companies have used liquid laminates instead of film laminates to get a better protection from air pollution.

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