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Current Trends in Dining Room Furniture

Feb 27, 2017

It seemed like yesterday when we were welcoming the New Year with different designers and trend forecasters making their predictions well into 2017. The word out on the street is that this year will see big shakeups in the trend of interior decor as some of the popular out of fashion styles will make a solid comeback.

The dining room is a special place no doubt because it is there we gather around with our family and share conversations and meals. Therefore this portion of your home deserves a special treatment with an eclectic mix of furniture. Keep on reading to find out everything trending about furniture trends in the dining room.

  1. Rustic theme: Gone are the days when people used to value office style home decor with an enormous amount of focus on neutral colors and whites. Rustic is the word of the day as people are now roughing up their dining rooms by throwing in less sophisticated variants of standard furniture models. A combination of a rough-hewn wood table, steel chairs with leather cushioning, and mild lighting can work wonders in changing the look of an otherwise formal dining room.
  2. Mix-and-match: As people continue to realize that happiness lies in imperfection, the trend of using matching furniture sets has been on a steady decline. Today, a requisite dining room doesn’t need to have matched chairs and table; a mix of different furniture styles, finishes, and fabrics is what’s ruling people’s hearts. This look is not only easier to put together but also far more welcoming to the guests. After all, you’d want your guests to feel at home.
  3. More benches: While you may have noticed, benches being used in dining rooms in a more formal scenario, this trend is certainly on its way out. The idea of communal sitting is creating waves in the interior decor world not only for aesthetic reasons but also for saving space. This dining room set up will not only make sitting together more convenient but also create a rather intimate experience without compromising on seating capacity.
  4. Mirrored furniture: “Mirror Mirror on the wall, who is the prettiest of them all?” – The next time these words are uttered, you may not be standing in front of a mirror hanging on a wall. Yes, mirrored furniture is one of the most talked about current trends that can add drama to the blandest dining rooms. Mirrored tables, sideboards, or mirrored buffets can lend your dining room a dazzling, glamorous touch.

No matter what your choice is regarding dining room furniture, check out for tips, tricks, and ideas.

  1. Accessorize: Want to lend your dining room a different look without investing on furniture? Then buy accessories such as life-size mirrors, artwork, and frames, etc. to lend your dining room a chic look without overspending on big items. Oversized decor, be it painted as a mural or hung, never fails to make a bold style statement. So go ahead and get experimenting; you never know what new trend may spark your ideas.

What to avoid?

Formal looks and sweeping single colors are out, and it should be a while until we see these trends making a comeback again. Just go with the flow, and you’ll be fine!


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5 Reasons to Move to Brentwood

Feb 27, 2017

Do you think you know Brentwood? You may only be familiar with the Essex town due to the show The Only Way is Essex (TOWIE) – but you may be surprised to find out that Brentwood actually has a lot more to offer than this dubious claim to fame. Some parts of Brentwood are definitely all about the glamour and glitz of celebrity culture, but there are other facets to this town that attract all kinds of people to live here, from families to young professionals.

Find out more about Brentwood and discover the benefits of moving to Brentwood and calling the place home.

  1. Provides Excellent Work/Life Balance

For commuters, Brentwood is heaven. You can get to Liverpool Street in London in around 40 minutes. You are also well-located for Stansted and other London locations. You’re actually right outside the M25 so Brentwood is well-linked by road. You can get into the city with ease, meaning you can benefit from a London job without having to pay London house prices. Houses for sale in Brentwood to be cheaper than in London, although it is not the cheapest place to buy in the UK. Plus, when the Crossrail service starts in 2018 you will be able to head direct into the middle of London without having to change trains at Liverpool Street.

  1. Mix of House Styles and Prices

There is a wide range of property options for sale in Brentwood. It is a magnet for those City workers with large bonuses who want an executive place, but there are also more affordable choices available to suit families and singles. The centre of Brentwood is dominated by Victorian homes and Edwardian buildings, while there is a vast amount of choice to be found in villages on the edges of Brentwood if you are looking for a country property.

  1. Good Quality Schools

The high quality Brentwood School is a good choice and there are many good quality primary schools, as well as other high schools that regularly score highly in Ofsted reports.

  1. Major New Build Developments

If you want a new home, Brentwood offers some great choices in new builds on town sites as well as further out into the countryside.

  1. Excellent Amenities and Facilities

Brentwood boasts all the restaurants, bars, cafes and shops you could need. You don’t have to travel into London for anything, as this town is self-contained and full of interesting places to eat, drink, and shop.

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Meet The NSS Champ!

Feb 24, 2017

We’ve all been there: you need to buff up your floor, but you have no idea just where to start. There are so many scrubber companies out there, and they can’t possibly be reliable. You could always look for the first option you see for the cheapest and choose them. However, the issue is that not all scrubbing companies were created equal. You’ll want to find one that has the experience to get the job done and the personal investment in the process to see the job through. Not all scrubber companies will be as invested as others, so it can be confusing to know where to get started.

In this post, we’re going to show you why NSS is the best company to go with for all your scrubbing needs, and why the Champ is the product to go with.

We’re reliable.

Beyond anything else that we do, we strive to be as reliable as possible during our entire sales process. These rideable automatic scrubbers are a big deal and a big purchase, and we recognize that fact with everything that we do as a company. We will stand by your side during the whole process and answer any questions you have as well as assuage your concerns. The last thing we want is for you to not have all the facts, so we can be relied upon to get those facts to you in a quick and consistent manner.

We have experience.

The last thing you want is to be working with a salesman who has no idea what they’re talking about, spouting off nonsense that isn’t true. You want to work with a company with experience, and you want an automatic scrubber that can be relied upon. NSS is that company and the NSS Champ is that automatic scrubber. We will show you through all of what we have in our product catalog, detailing all of the features, even the pros and cons that you’ll find with each machine. We’re not going to sugarcoat anything and ask like every automatic scrubber we make is flawless. Instead, we’ll get you acquainted with each product, especially the NSS Champ.

We’ve all been there: you need to buff up your floor, but you have no idea just where to start. There are so many scrubber companies out there, and they can’t possibly be reliable. You could always look for the first option you see for the cheapest and choose them. However, the issue is that not all scrubbing companies were created equal. You’ll want to find one that has the experience to get the job done and the personal investment in the process to see the job through. Not all scrubber companies will be as invested as others, so it can be confusing to know where to get started.

The next time you need an automatic scrubber, go with us.

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Top Three Reasons to Get an Antenna

Feb 19, 2017

Want to expand your television capabilities? Want to have access to more channels without paying high-cost premiums? If you do, you may want to consider getting a TV antenna for your home. You can enjoy more channels for less, save money, enjoy better picture quality, and more.

Before you choose to purchase an antenna, you may want to know more about the benefits you can access by choosing to purchase one. Listed below is a comprehensive list of the benefits of using an antenna as well as how to place one for the best reception. Antenna installation is simple, especially with the guidance of a professional.

Save Money

Most cable users spend around $100 a month on cable services, which can add up to more than $1000 per year for television. Satellite users often pay even more for regular television entertainment, not even including the price of additional TV packages.

Saving money is important, which is why investing in an antenna for your home could be the right choice for you. Most top television shows and networks can be accessed using antenna capabilities. So, if you want to save money while still accessing all the channels you want and more, you should consider an antenna for your home.

HD Quality

TV antennas provide better picture quality for users. You want to be able to watch television in the best quality possible without having to pay high fees. Antennas provide HD television picture quality. You’ll notice the difference right away and you’ll never want to go back.

An HD picture is ideal for noticing details. You’ll be surprised how many things you were missing before you switched to an antenna. HD TV is also ideal for those who have vision problems. The enhanced picture can make television programs a lot easier to see.


In a storm, your cable and satellite capabilities are often knocked out. This means you’ll have trouble checking the news to find out updates about the storm and whether or not you should stay indoors. Antenna services stay up even when cable services go down so you can stay connected to forecasts and broadcasts when you need them.

How to Place an Antenna

  • Go High: Always try to place your antenna as high as possible to receive the best signal from wherever you are. Both indoor and outdoor models should be placed as high as possible in order to receive the best signal possible.
  • Point it: With multidirectional antennas, it won’t matter which direction you place them. However, with unidirectional antennas, you should look to point them in the right direction. Find out where to point them to receive stations’ signals.
  • Amp it up: Amplifiers can help to extend and boost signals so you can reach more stations and have access to them. Things like trees and tall buildings can block out signals without an amp. If you live somewhere with lots of obstructions or you live in the sticks, you should consider an amp for your antenna.
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What to Expect From Reputable House Removal Companies

Feb 13, 2017

Shifting houses can be incredibly difficult. There are so many variables involved when it comes to moving, and it’s generally quite difficult for homeowners to plan the move carefully. In almost every case, there’s a very high chance that you will end up breaking something. Moving such heavy furniture is obviously not easy, as it requires tact and experience, especially if you live in an apartment. There’s a strong chance that something might get damaged along the way. Moreover, one person can obviously not move everything by his/herself.

 Thankfully, house removal companies in Australia make life easy for customers by offering complete removal solutions. There are plenty of removalist companies that make shifting tremendously easy for customers. Certain companies have built a solid reputation within the removalist industry. Here are just a few important things that you should expect from a reputable company in Australia.

Superior Customer Service

Many people are quite sceptical when planning a move. The main reason why you want to hire a house removalist company is because they can ensure that the items are moved without any sort of damage. When you first contact a reputable house removalist company, they will ask you a variety of questions. These include things such as the number of things that need to be moved, the biggest furniture items and any other special items that you might have, such as a grand piano or any other thing. Extremely heavy pieces of furniture that are more expensive obviously need to be moved while taking special care.

These companies offer superior customer care as compared to others. The moving staff is incredibly friendly and will guide you through whatever they are doing. This will help you plan the whole thing in a much better way, and ensure that the job is completed without much of a hassle.

Price Match Guarantee

One of the main reasons why these companies are so popular is because they offer a price matching guarantee. In case another company has offered a better quote for shifting your belongings, you can just use the price matching option on the company’s website. They will instantly revise that quote in order to match the price. Obviously, you get much better services from the company without having to pay the full price.

Timely Work

Punctuality is a very strong point of such companies. They want to make sure that the job is completed within the timeframe provided. Obviously, moving is going to put your whole life on hold. You will have to wait until everything is done before you can unpack and start living normally again. These companies have a reputation for making sure that the job is completed within the time frame they provide. The professionally trained movers working in the company have a lot of experience and know how to move things without damaging them. These are just some of the things that you can expect from a reputable house removal company in Australia.


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Relocating to South Africa: How to Streamline Your Removal

Feb 4, 2017

Considered one of the most beautiful places on the planet, South Africa is home to glorious mountains and gold sand beaches. It is also home to a culturally rich and diverse populace. Since the release of the late president Nelson Mandela in 1994, the country has taken on a more democratic landscape.

A Duty-Free Removal

So, if you are relocating to South Africa, expect to enjoy a high standard of living and an agreeable environment. What is nice about moving to South Africa is that you can import your personal items and household belongings duty-free. Any South African citizen who is moving back to the country does not have to pay a duty either, provided that he or she has been away for at least six months.

Moving with Your Dog or Cat: What to Expect

You also do not need to quarantine your pet when you move to South Africa. Just make sure you correctly fill out the necessary paperwork. If the documentation is not properly completed, your pet will be subject to quarantine for sixty days. In addition, all cats and dogs entering the country must be microchipped.

Electrical Requirements

The country’s electric current is 220 or 230 volts, 50Hz. Universal plugs are three-pronged varieties.

Moving a Vehicle

If you have a motorcycle or auto, approval for import is required before delivery. The import duty is high. Therefore, you may need to make some enquiries before moving any type of vehicle.

Also, make sure that you fill out all the appropriate forms and documents by asking for assistance from your removal company. Companies such as Arrowpak that handle international removals can provide you with the help that you need to correctly ship your items and fill out the appropriate forms.

Getting the Removal Advice and Help You Need

Typically, if you choose the right removalist, they can advise you on how to pack, what duties or taxes are charged, and how to proceed with certain phases of your removal. Besides handling moves to South Africa, international movers know what is involved in moving to such countries as the US, Canada, Australia, France, Germany, Spain, and Italy. No matter where you plan to relocate, they can offer the assistance needed to streamline and simplify the process.

In order to facilitate a removal to South Africa or anywhere else in the world, then you need to compile a list. Whilst this may seem like an obvious activity, you still need to know how to organise the listing. For example, not only do you need to make doctor’s appointments but you should also further delineate this activity by listing the immunisations that you will need to get as well the records and files you will need to bring.

In addition, it is necessary to collect and organise all your legal paperwork before you leave. These documents might include birth certificates, diplomas or certificates, marriage licenses, insurance policies, or any documentation for electronics that you plan to use.

Make a checklist and coordinate your removal with the removal company. Make sure you can reach the staff easily by phone or e-mail.

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5 Operational Options for Residential and Commercial Roller Shutters

Feb 4, 2017

Having shutters covering the windows can be a great asset for your home or business. They can protect your storefront from break-ins, help protect properties during storms or bush fires, and help reduce energy bills by blocking the hot summer sun. There are many types of shutters with several operational options.

Manual Shutter Operation

If you’re using shutters on smaller windows, or your budget is limited, you might consider choosing manually operated shutters. These shutters can be opened and closed from inside the house or business by turning a handle. Roller shutters using manual operation should not be used for windows over 2.75 metres squared, otherwise it can be difficult to raise and lower them as the shutters could be too heavy.

Electric Shutter Operations

Some window shutters can be operated by flipping a switch inside of the house when the weather starts looking bad or when there are threats of bush fires in the area. Electrically operated shutters are connected to the main power and all the shutters can be operated by the same switch, or they can be individually operated. A sensor can also be attached to the shutters so when the sun comes up, or storm clouds roll in, the shutters will be triggered and closed automatically.

Electric shutters can also be operated with a remote control, so you can raise and lower the shutters from anywhere in the house. Remote operation is a good choice for business owners because they can use it to lower the shutters when they’re leaving at night. Most companies manufacturing shutters with remotes offer a variety of models, including master remotes which can operate all of the shutters for a home or business.

Solar Shutter Operations

If you don’t want the shutters on your home connected to the main power, you can select solar operated shutters. In some rural areas, building codes require shutters to operate independently of the main power, so a roller shutter operated with solar power would be an ideal option. Solar powered shutters can be up to 3.6 metres wide and use the sun’s power to keep the batteries charged to power their motors.

Spring-loaded Shutter Operations

Like manually operated shutters, spring-loaded shutters use a handle and key lock to operate them. While they are not recommended for residential use because the mechanism is located outside, they are a good option for businesses. They can be used during blackouts because they are not connected to the main power.

Battery Shutter Operations

Another option for operating a roller shutter without being connected to the main power is a battery driven motor. If you live in an area which is prone to blackouts, or power is frequently lost during violent storms, then battery driven shutters are a good option for either your home or business. For most battery operated systems, the battery can be used once a day for 25 days before it needs to be recharged.

The size of the windows and operation frequency should be considered when choosing how the shutters should be operated.

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How to Keep a Pond in Good Shape

Jan 30, 2017

A pond is a great addition to any garden, as it provides a place for birds and small animals to gather. It also provides a place for you to grow flowers, herbs, or vegetables. Since it will be close to water, and preferably moving water, many different birds and insect pollinators will be drawn to the flowers or herbs that are there. They’ll spread the pollen to fertilise your plants and keep them growing healthily.

A pond also does its part for the environment. As you might know, the population of pollinating bees is dropping due to changing weather and an overabundance of insecticides on plants. Many scientists who study this situation say a true problem is brewing, specifically as the overwhelming majority of the world’s food is pollinated by insects and much of that by bees. So, the disappearance of bees actually creates a food crisis, but the same scientists say that every person doing their little bit can help keep the population going strong. That means planting some bright, great smelling flowers around your pond to create a tiny ecosystem. It’s a great way to do your part to help the environment. However, if you don’t keep your pond in good shape, it will just be an eyesore that smells bad and attracts mosquitoes and other pests.

Keep it Clean

You need to make sure that you select high quality pond pumps to keep the water in your pond moving. The water needs to stay moving so that it can circulate any debris that might have settled into the pond. It can then be filtered out by the pump, or by a pond skimmer. Also, keeping the water moving helps to introduce oxygen into your pond. The fish in your pond need oxygen that is dissolved in the water. Also, oxygen helps speed along any decay that might occur but it doesn’t produce the sort of swampy decay that is undesirable. Aerobic decay is the process by which compost is made. You can also help keep a pond clean by choosing the right plants.

Choosing Plants

There are several different plants you can choose to go around your pond. If you don’t want to spend too much time worrying about your pond, you should plant low-maintenance herbs that smell great. Any of the varieties of mint would work, but a generic spearmint is often preferred because it is so hardy. Anytime the wind blows it, or someone rustles through the leaves, it will release a minty fragrance into the air. You have to be careful with mint, though. It produces low running stems that can then create more plants, so if you’re not careful, it will take over your whole yard. Some people don’t mind that, though.

Mint and other vigorously growing plants are great because they consume a lot of water. The areas around your pond can sometimes have water that overflows or seeps into the ground. While this isn’t a large problem, it can create the perpetually moist conditions that lend to smelly decay and insects. Very thirsty plants mitigate that risk.

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Getting Oriented With the Types of Self Storage Units

Jan 20, 2017

Our times today is clearly different from before. Our great grandparents then must only shop for the things they can only bring in to their accommodations as there were no storage facilities then. Whatever they shop when they are on vacation, they have to bring all of them wherever they end up thus they can’t really buy all the things they want or their vacation will be greatly inconvenienced. That is a far cry from what we have today. If one will decide to have a vacation in San Diego, then by all means, he can shop till he drops as there are already many cheap storage units in almost all cities worldwide.

That is right, no manner where you go these days, you can easily find a self storage facility and they are equipped with different units. These different units can accommodate different types of things. Check out below these different self storage units:

  • Portable container storage units – this is good when you will store many things like appliances and a lot more. The container will be delivered to your home by the facility you choose. Once that container is filled, the facility will then take it back to their warehouse for safekeeping. If you are quite busy that you don’t have time to even send your things to a storage facility, then this is the best option for you.

  • Personal and business storage units – this is the kind of storage unit you should rent when you are planning to move to a new office. While the move is still going on, you can store your things here for the time being. This is also good if you are having a renovation at home. For your things not to get damaged, you can have them here for safekeeping.

  • Vehicle storage units – when the weather is not good or during winter time or maybe when you are planning to go for a long trip, you can ensure the safety of your valuable vehicle by storing in this kind if storage unit. You can even store your boat here if you have one.

  • Climate controlled self storage units – for those things that are quite sensitive and must be stored in a particular temperature, they can be stored here. Such things like paintings or art collections, antiques and so on should be in this kind of unit.
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How to Choose a Self-Storage Service While Moving Homes?

Jan 3, 2017

Contemporary homes have the common problem of space. With increasing real estate prices, homes are getting smaller, and for owners and tenants, it is a big hassle to deal with the goods and belongings. If you are shifting to a smaller house or need to save on the cost of moving, it is a wise idea to look for quality storage services. A self-storage company offers units, also known as containers, for a fixed monthly charge, and you can keep all the extra stuff safely. There are plenty of services around, and it might be hard to find the right one.

Here are some of the things that must be checked before choosing storage units.

  • Services. Apart from storage units, does the company offer pickup and delivery? If yes, what are the extra charges? What is their normal timing for business? The business hours do matter, because the customer should have access to their goods as and when required. Some companies may help with moving the stuff, as well.

  • Pricing. This is also an important factor. It is extremely essential to have a serve that’s affordable and easy with the pricing. People often store goods with self-storage companies for months, before shifting back to the city. To avoid unwanted costs and hidden charges, which are pretty common, it is always wise to check your needs and ask for an estimate from few known companies.
  • Security. This is the first and foremost aspect that needs attention. Many home owners do have their concerns when they pay for such services, and rightfully so. You need a company that has enough manpower and additional security facilities to offer complete protection, especially against thefts and unauthorized entry.
  • Reputation. A company should have a good name in the market. The best way to find services in your area is to ask friends and family, and you can even choose to check online. Make sure that the company is licensed and established, and if you have any concerns with their services, you can ask for client references for your area.

  • Options. Finally, do check the kind of self-storage units offered by a concerned service. For example, some people may need a large container to keep their car, while others may just need a small space for few boxes. Check the options before making a choice.

Check online and find a few self-storage services in your area!

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