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Three Smart Ideas for Making Your Apartment Look Like a Million Dollars

Mar 2, 2017

Coming up with new ideas for that old apartment or condo of yours can be taxing. You look at those walls and think you have done everything you can to make them look better. But the truth of the matter is, no matter where you live, whether it is in senior apartments or family friendly downtown condos, every place needs some TLC now and again.

So, if you are ready to start thinking about how you can make your apartment look like it has had some major renovations instead of simply a bit of loving imagination, read on. Some million dollar places only look that way!

Add Your Own Gallery

This is such a cool idea and it is easy to do. Start with collecting together all your favorite images. They can be old posters, family photos or even pictures torn out of magazines. I find that haunting the used bookstores for art books is a great place to find unusual images for this. Frame them with old second hand frames, the funkier the better. You might even want to add some paint to the frames, using the texture to dress them up.

Then decide on one wall that will be your gallery. But instead of simply hanging them on the wall, add some floating bookshelves and stack these babies up to show them off. IKEA is a great place to find these really cheap and easy to put up. Toss in a few mementoes from life, maybe a vase of branches or even your favorite fake flowers. You will have a gallery everyone will envy and it will look impressive and expensive. We will keep your secret that it came mostly from your cupboard and the local thrift store.

Window Dressing that is WOW

Sure, you may have had those tired old blinds in the windows when you first moved in, but that doesn’t mean you have to be married to them! You can go shopping for curtains, but have you checked out what they want for a simple set of sheers these days? My advice is to go bold, and head out for the discount bedding store or thrift store in your area. Old sheets or even silk saris can make amazing curtains for far less.

If you live in an area that has a big ethnic population, then haunt the thrift store in the ethnic clothing section for Indian scarves or saris. They are beautiful, worth a small fortune when they are new and look gorgeous on your windows. They are even more smashing when the rest of the room is a quiet tone, and the silk sari curtains just pop.

Paint It Black, or Blue or Sienna

There are few things that will make a room stand out like painting it. I am not talking about one of the hundreds of shades of white or sand you will find in most paint stores. Be adventurous and pick out a color you really love. I was hesitant when I moved into my apartment and decided to paint each room a different color.

But everyone compliments me on my purple bedroom and bright green living room. The trick is to pick a color that is a minor color in your room scheme. This will bring it to the foreground and make the whole room come together. So be wise, be brave and be colorful!

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