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Why Flooring Made of Vinyl Is a Popular Choice

Feb 12, 2017

Vinyl continues to be a popular choice in flooring. However, today’s resilient flooring is not the same type of material that graced your grandmother’s kitchen. Today, the latest innovations in technology are used to produce this favourite flooring upgrade.

A Noticeable Improvement

Those shiny-looking floors that once suffered from scratches and scuffs now display matte finishes that are far more sturdy and wear-resistant than their ancestors. Not only does vinyl offer enhanced performance but it also has received a makeover. Vinyl floors are now available in tiles, sheets, and planks and come in a large variety of colours, designs, patterns, and high-end styles. These styles replicate the textures and looks of such highly-regarded materials as stone, wood, and ceramic tiles.

Therefore, today vinyl is a versatile flooring material. Not only is the flooring high resistant to moisture, mildew, and mould but it is also one of the more affordable flooring improvements featured online. In addition, the flooring is easy to install as well as simple to maintain. Because of the floor’s cushioned underlayment, it is softer and warmer underfoot than stone, wood, or tile.

Printed Vinyl

When you are shopping for vinyl flooring, you no doubt will come across two types of products: printed or inlaid. Printed vinyl designs are created by using a paper topcoat that is placed on a thin vinyl surface before it is covered with several protective layers of urethane or vinyl. This type of vinyl is more affordable but also less durable than inlaid vinyl products.

Inlaid Vinyl

Inlaid vinyl floors achieve their looks through a process that involves adding granules of vinyl to the backing. Once this is done, the granules emerge at the surface. Therefore, a durable and heavier flooring material is produced. For residential use, vinyl can be chosen in one of various formats. Sheet vinyl is usually rolled flat and cut to a floor’s configuration. As with wall-to-wall carpeting, extra sheets are added if the space is large.

Luxury Vinyl Tile (LVT)

Luxury vinyl tile (LVT) is the fastest-growing category in vinyl floor styles. Not only is the floor easy to maintain but you can install it just about anywhere. In addition, you can buy designs that duplicate the look of lime-washed oak or walnut. The ultimate in high-end vinyl floors, LVT offers a more affordable option to expensive flooring materials such as wood or natural stone.

A Realistic-Looking and Affordable Alternative

Employing advanced 3D image technology, LVT uses the image of a natural material. In order to create the floor’s look, a picture is transferred directly to a vinyl tile. Each tile is then embossed to match the proper texture. Also featured in planks, LVT floors realistically capture the rich grains and textures of the natural materials that they simulate.

Most of the tiles for the flooring feature bevelled edges that come in various sizes and shapes. Planks are offered that are quite lengthy as well. Luxury vinyl tiles come in large squares that can be installed with or without the use of grout as well.

So, regardless of your selection, the installation process is not overly difficult. When making a choice, consider your lifestyle, your home’s unique features, and the flooring’s performance and design.

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